The state of voice assistant integrations in 2024
Jun 02, 2024
How to use Platypush to build your voice assistants. Featuring Google, OpenAI and Picovoice.
Platypush 1.0 is out
May 26, 2024
It's software maturity time
Automate your music collection
Sep 19, 2022
Use Platypush to manage your music activity, discovery playlists and be on top of new releases.
Create a Mastodon bot to forward Twitter and RSS feeds to your timeline
May 06, 2022
Take your favourite accounts and sources with you on the Fediverse, even if they aren't there
Build your self-hosted Evernote
Jan 06, 2022
How to use Platypush and other open-source tools to build a notebook synchronized across multiple devices
Design and build a drone from scratch
Aug 29, 2021
How to use a Raspberry Pi, Platypush and some cheap electronics to build your own drone.
Set up self-hosted CI/CD git pipelines with Platypush
Mar 07, 2021
How to use Platypush to set up self-hosted build and test pipelines for your Gitlab and Github projects.
Create your smart baby monitor with Platypush and Tensorflow
Oct 31, 2020
Use open-source software and cheap hardware to build a solution that can detect your baby's cries.
Deliver customized newsletters from RSS feeds with Platypush
Sep 06, 2020
Use the RSS and email integrations to created automated newsletters.
One web extension to rule them all
Jul 07, 2020
How to use the Platypush web extension to customize your browser and connect things together.
Build custom voice assistants
Mar 08, 2020
An overview of the current technologies and how to leverage Platypush to build your customized assistant.
Transform a RaspberryPi into a universal Zigbee and Z-Wave bridge
Feb 25, 2020
Use the Platypush Zigbee and Z-Wave integration to create a smart home bridge to rule them all.
Build a bot to communicate with your smart home over Telegram
Jan 03, 2020
Integrate Telegram and Platypush to design chat-based automation flow.
Deliver articles to your favourite e-reader using Platypush
Dec 04, 2019
Leverage the RSS and HTML scraping capabilities of Platypush to set up automations to deliver articles to an e-reader.
Build your multi-room and multi-provider sound server with Platypush, Mopidy and Snapcast
Oct 22, 2019
How to leverage Platypush and other open-source projects to build an extensible and versatile music server.
How to build your personal infrastructure for data collection and visualization
Oct 16, 2019
Use Grafana, PostgreSQL, Mosquitto and Platypush to collect data points on your infrastructure and be the real owner of your own data.
Detect people with a RaspberryPi, a thermal camera, Platypush and Tensorflow
Sep 27, 2019
Use cheap components and open-source software to build a robust presence detector.
Build your customizable voice assistant with Platypush
Sep 05, 2019
Use the available integrations to build a voice assistant with a simple microphone
Ultimate self-hosted automation with Platypush
Jul 28, 2019
Get started with Platypush to automate your smart home and beyond